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First define the leave types. Click on 'Leave' under 'Employees' menu. Fill in all the fields and Save.

Different staff are eligible to different leave types. This is specified under Use types when adding the leave types. This will pick all staff under the specified category of use type.


The leave types are defined and added depending on an organization's definitions.

To edit leave types, double click on the record and edit.

Add leave types to each employee depending on the leave types they are entitled.

Where leave days are carried over from a previous year, the days are indicated here. 


To apply for leave for an employee, Click on 'Leave Application'


Once updated, check the record and select 'Apply for Leave' on the dropdown menu and click the 'Action' button

To approve the leave application, select 'Approvals', check the record that contains the information that you want to approve. Select 'Approve' on the dropdown menu and click the 'Action' button.

The dashboard is then updated to show the date that the employee will be on leave.


A leave summary report will be generated. This is a summary of the leave balances for each leave type. See the balance report here.

Note that the report shows the deducted days after approval, from the initial number of allowed days per leave type. 


To generate a leave report, click on 'Leave' under 'Reports' menu item which is under HR.

Select a year whose reports you want to view and click the 'Report' button


To view a detailed report on leaves, click on the second 'Leave' tab

To view the leave balance report,click on the 'Leave Balance' tab and specify the type then click the 'Report' button.

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