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The admin is able to add a vacancy that is open to outsiders and also the staff. After application, the HR can shortlist and hire employees.

Creating a vacancy

To create a vacancy, click on 'Contracting' under Employees and Click on the 'New' button. This indicates the available for suitable candidates to apply, and shows all details on the vacancy e.g the dates it's open for, number of applicants wanted, and the job description. 


You can view all the open positions by clicking on the 'Contracting > Intake' menu item

Shortlisting and Hiring

Double click on the record that has the category you want to shortlist. Select the employee record that you want shortlisted and click the 'Action' button.

You can also bulk short list by checking on the top most check box on the left side of the column 'Application Name'.

To view shortlisted employees, Click the 'Short Listed' tab. To hire, select 'Hire' on the dropdown menu below the window and click 'Action'. 

To unshort list, click select the 'Unshort list' menu item on the dropdwon and click the 'Action' button.


The record of the hired employee is then added to the employee list.


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>Loans and Advances
>Petty cash and claims>Project management
>Time and attendance







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