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Staff leaves, petty cash, requisitions, appraisals all need approvals depending on an organisation's hierarchy of reporting. Approval levels are defined while creating workflows. 

An example of a Workflow: Leave Workflow

Create a New workflow; specify the reporting and approval levels. 

The workflows are the edited accordingly to fetch the necessary data from the relevant tables. The tables are also dependent on the action, e.g table employee_leave for leave. 

Email content is also added in their respective areas; i.e the Approve Email, Reject Email and details 



You have a list of all defined workflows, the list is as long as the organizations wants. 

After staff apply for leave, it has to be sent to their supervisors or to HR Administrator for verification and approval. All transactions that need approval are listed under Service Desk, Approvals on the Admin window. 

All staff on leave are displayed on the dashboard. 




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